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Entrepreneurship in France

Entrepreneurship in France is subject to a constant increase since mid-90’s:

This trend is confirmed for all corporate forms:

Form Incorporations in 2008 Trend
Commercial undertakings (entreprises individuelles) 166 719 +16 %
Corporation: 160 680 +28 %
    EURL 34 399 +67 %
    SARL 111 554 +21 %
    Other 14 727 +17 %
Total 327 396 +22 %

source: APCE

Despite this increasing trend, private equity funding of French companies is still unsufficient. Indeed,“if the number of French SMEs is regularaly increasing, comparison with other EU member states, notably Germany, reveals that these SMEs [...] cannot develop properly as a result of a lack of equity ” (Parliamentary Report on SMEs financing dated 24 March 2009). Parliamentary Report on SMEs financing dated 24 March 2009 "real financing "gap" in seed and growth fundings: it is a lot harder to raise € 300 000 at a preliminary stage than a M€ 10 investment in the expansion phase” (above mentioned Parliamentary Report).

Investissement en capital

Then, considering "the prohibitive transaction costs for medium-sized equity investment" (above mentioned Parliamentary Report), Eclosing.fr tends to contribute to the limitation of such costs in a tax-friendly environment.

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